1. Get some bitcoin!!


    Well you could just buy some but how about just get some for free?

    Enter the world of bitcoin faucets.

    Here is one I like and visit often:


    just input your bitcoin wallet address here


    enter a captcha


    and keep a window open for 5 minutes



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  2. Flash boys by Michael Lewis a good read!

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  3. Free trading from Robinhood

    Robinhood - zero commissions

    But you have to wait in line!


  4. Interesting FinTech visualisation

    Stocktwits should be “Retail Investments” and “Financial Research” too!

    Venture Scanner

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  5. NTT Data (Japan) using Japanese tweets to track stock sentiment

    More details from Nikkei Asian Review

    Still think @stocktwits @howardlindzon should make Japanese version! Maybe with @MonexJP

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  6. Inspirational reading for traders

    I am a big fan of Anton Kreil (@AntonKreil) and this article from SpreadBet magazine (from a while ago) was very interesting….

    Download here


  7. Nope!


  8. Reached 50 cents in BTC!!!



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  9. Mt.Gox CEO in hiding?


  10. Gox & Karpeles; view from Japan


    My guess is Mt. Gox success simply outgrew the capacity of the company, staff, management and CEO. They muddled on and eventually the mess caught up with them, and unfortunately a lot of account holders got hurt in the process. Some external attacks (hacking) and internal issues might have been major too.

    A lot of ex-pats in Japan start their own small companies and can get away with things, a lot of perception being based on appearances rather than substance here. Renting an office, incorporating a company, setting up a decent website aren’t so difficult.

    World-wide investors probably imagined Mt. Gox as a much bigger and much more professional company than it really was. Perhaps they thought there would be all sorts of checks and regulations to operating in Japan, to being a company.

    The Japanese authorities would have been most concerned with Mt. Gox and Tibanne basically paying their taxes and the taxes of the owners and shareholders. The FSA simply doesn’t see crypto currency as falling in their jurisdiction.

    I am somewhat surprised they weren’t concerned about the money laundering potential though.

    Another issue might be that the victims of Mt. Gox are world-wide and I would imagine Japanese nationals are in a minority. If there were many Japanese victims I think there would be more interest and action from the Japanese authorities.

    Then again, potentially some of those Japanese victims might be the types to not complain to the government but more to take things into their own hands.

    I am alluding to this type of story: Garin Dart

    I really wonder what is Mark Karpeles next move.

    If the stories are true and a huge number of BTC have been lost would you want to be in his shoes? Mt. Gox relocated to their virtual office in Cerulean Tower, but I would imagine Mark Karpeles would go into hiding too.

    Whilst I am sure most of his customers were on the level, how many were “shady” or “serious” people.

    I don’t think Karpeles set out to be a crook; he seems too open - google him and you can find all sorts. He has acted as the face of his company - I don’t think a crook would do that, I guess events just escalated out of control.